5 Best Yoast Alternatives for Bloggers in 2022: SEO analytics to stats

5 best Yoast alternative for blogger
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Are you looking for the best Yoast alternative for your work as a blogger?

Yoast SEO is a plugin designed to help users optimise their web pages for SEO.

While it is massively successful, with over 200 million downloads, it is not the only plugin on the market. There are many useful alternatives each with their own advantages.

The following guide looks at the five top SEO plugin substitutes for Yoast which you could use to optimise your web content!

What Do Blogger SEO Plugins Provide?

Best Yoast Alternatives for Bloggers in 2020
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In essence, there are two primary applications that an SEO plugin offers:

  • Features
  • Analysis

The features offered can include the ability to set your SEO titles and meta description and create a sitemap. The analysis element comes with tips for optimising your content.

This can include advice related to keyword density, meta description length and whether key phrases are present in subheadings.

The purpose of SEO analysis as provided by a plugin is to give your content the best chances of succeeding on search engines!

Best Yoast Alternative For Blogger #1: All in One SEO Pack

Firstly, we have the All in One SEO. This WordPress SEO plugin is second only to Yoast. It’s been around since 2007 and has over two million users.

However, this plugin does not provide analysis.

If you simply need the features side of an SEO plugin and feel confident to work without analysis, this option may be for you.

Out of all the Yoast alternatives out there, this is our favourite!


  • Create SEO titles/descriptions
  • Support for XML sitemap creation
  • Generates meta tags automatically
  • Optimises titles for Google and other search engines
  • Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • SEO custom post types
  • Allows you to control social media information
  • Can be used with WooCommerce

#1 All in One Blogger SEO Pack Settings:

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By visiting general settings of this plugin, you can configure the plugin’s global settings. Among the sections featured in general settings are title, homepage, keyword, display, index and advanced settings.

All in One SEO Pack also comes with XML sitemap generation. These are bots designed to help search engines crawl through your website.

An XML sitemap can help human and bot visitors alike to navigate your content.

It also plays its part, however small, in supporting the overall optimisation of your website.

This SEO plugin also adds a custom meta box beneath the post editor for every type of content (i.e. pages, posts or custom post types).

With this meta box, you can establish a custom title for any post, input a meta description and add keywords.

#1 Best Blogger SEO Plugin: Feature Manager

There are some features of All in One SEO Pack that aren’t activated by default.

You can change this by opening the feature manager.

Here, you can activate elements like social meta, robots.txt, importer & exporter, bad bot blocker, XML sitemaps and file editor.

By choosing to activate a module, it will create its own settings page beneath the plugin menu.

By opening this page, you’ll be able to configure the feature as you wish. This will allow you to determine how it will behave on your website.

#2 The SEO Framework: Performance-Friendly Yoast Alternative For Blogger

This free and reliable plugin is catching on within the WordPress community. It is a performance-friendly alternative to Yoast.

The SEO Framework features built-in AI and can optimise your web pages and posts automatically.

This plugin provides a wide range of features allowing you to control the settings and performance of your content.


  • SEO titles/descriptions
  • Allows you to manage metadata
  • XML Sitemap
  • You can edit social media descriptions
  • Sitelinks, Searchbox and Breadcrumbs
  • Guidelines that are colour-coded

#2 The SEO Framework vs Yoast: Settings

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On The SEO Framework, you’ll find plenty of helpful settings.

For one, this plugin has an SEO bar with red-green indicators showing you the SEO on-page condition for any given post.

Of course, it also features page and post title settings as well as meta and description settings. In the case of the latter, the plugin provides lots of flexibility in this area.

Its homepage settings include a custom tagline, custom home page title and a custom home page description.

These settings also feature additions, robots and social modules.

In regards to its social sharing or open graph settings, The SEO Framework fully integrates and allows for the customisation of Twitter and Facebook OG tags alongside optimisation for Google+ and Pinterest.

When it comes to schema settings, these allow you to determine what search engines will understand about your website. These settings are extensive and leave you with plenty of control.

You will have the choice to fully control the no-follow robots meta and no-index settings. Another useful setting is WebMaster Meta which lets you verify your website on search engines.

This plugin also comes with sitemap settings and feed settings, which can bring down the risk of others stealing your content.

As for SEO post settings, the plugin utilises a red, amber and green status bar. This allows you to know where and to what extent improvements are needed.

The SEO Framework provides precise recommendations such as how you should change the length of the post title and description.

With these settings, you’ll also have complete control of the post’s visibility, as well as the option to set a custom social image.

Social Media
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#2 The SEO Framework Review: Extension Manager

By signing up to the premium version of The SEO Framework, you can use a whole host of additional extensions. Premium membership comes with an annual fee.

The extension manager features include AMP to enhance your mobile site performance.

It also comes with an incognito extension to remove all branding from the plugin.

The extension manager also allows you to monitor your site’s SEO, uptime, stats and optimisation.

In addition, you can keep track of articles extension to add non-AMP and AMP structured data alike.

Further, the extension manager features a title fix to ensure your title is being outputted as desired in the SEO settings.

#3 SEOPress: Unlimited Yoast Alternative For Blogger

Another high-quality alternative to Yoast is SEOPress. It is an all-in-one plugin for SEO that comes with all the features you need to optimise your web content.

Users of this plugin can receive page and post-analysis, tips for enhancing your content further and an intuitive interface among other benefits.

It is user and beginner-friendly, in that it comes with content outlining the ins and outs of most aspects featured in SEOPress.

The premium version, which gives you access to unlimited usage, is also inexpensive.


  • SEO titles/descriptions
  • Control your metadata
  • XML Sitemap
  • Social media information
  • Allows you to integrate Google Analytics
  • Analysis for your focus keyword(s)
  • Google Knowledge Graph
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#3 SEOPress Review: Settings

With SEOPress, you can control the titles and meta descriptions of any post, page and the site as a whole. There are also many variables offered as part of these settings. For example, you can add the current month and year to the end of your title which will be updated each month automatically.

This can be achieved by adding “%%currentmonth%% %%currentyear%%” to a title. This will attract more users as it will give the appearance of an up to date article.

With SEOPress, you can create XML and HTML sitemaps. The latter is designed to help visitors find the pages they’re looking for.

This is one big advantage of this plugin since other options like Yoast do not provide HTML sitemaps. In addition, there is Google Knowledge Graph, another great feature of this plugin.

To see an example of Google Knowledge Graph in action, try searching for an artist, sports tournament or brand on Google.

You’ll find that there is a box with information to the right of the search query results. This will include social media links, weblinks and a short bio. With SEOPress, you can create a Google Knowledge Graph for your own website!

Its content analysis helps you with headlines, titles, imagery and configuring your content for SEO, especially in relation to on-page optimisation.

If any of its suggestions are missing, it will highlight where improvements can be made.

Site Map
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#3 SEOPress Plugin: Premium Additions

With SEOPress Pro, for a yearly payment, you can avail of various added features. These include a broken link checker, a Backlink tool, a tool for 400 monitoring and integration and optimisation for WooCommerce.

As for its Google-related features, it comes with an XML video sitemap addition, structured data types for Google, Dublin Core, Google Analytics, Google Page Speed, Google Suggest and a local business feature.

The great thing about SEOPress Pro is that unlike many similar plugins, you can use any of these features for an unlimited number of sites.

#4 Rank Math: Free Yoast Alternative For Blogger

This relatively new SEO plugin is growing rapidly in popularity. Rank Math is completely free and offers additional features not offered by Yoast.

It also comes with a clean interface and is faster to use than Yoast. Their SEO page analysis features 100 points.

Rank Math also lets you optimise for up to five target keywords per page entirely for free.

If you’re currently using another SEO plugin, you can easily transfer data from here to Rank Math for a fast and straightforward setup.


  • XML Sitemaps
  • You can integrate Google Search Console
  • Set SEO titles and meta description, including your very own templates
  • Social media information
  • Comes with Breadcrumbs
  • As with Yoast, analysis for SEO and readability
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Compatible with AMP and WooCommerce
Google Search Console
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#4 Rank Math Review: Settings

Its redirect settings include 301, 302, 307 and 410 among others.

It is also compatible with AMP and WooCommerce.

There are many features which Rank Math provides for free that many other SEO plugins do not.

For example, it comes with full schema support, allowing you to add review structured data instead of just the basic site-wide data offered by most SEO plugins.

It allows for automatic nofollow external links or they can be opened in a new tab. In addition, other useful features that are free with Rank Math are its local SEO support, internal link suggestions feature and keyword suggestions from Google for when you’ve chosen a focus keyword.

You can select the logo you’d like to appear on Google with this plugin. In regards to social media, you can set a default social share image.

The inclusion of Google Search Console can also be very handy. This is a collection of tools designed for webmasters or website owners.

Once you’ve connected your site to this feature, you can access information related to how Google is collecting, viewing and indexing your site.

It will let you adjust your website in such a way that Google can make sense of as much content on your site as possible.

In addition, this feature also lets you see your current index and crawl status.

Google Search Console lets you hold information about any keywords that your site is ranking for. This data is highly accurate since it is provided directly from Google. If you choose to download Rank Math, you can avail of this service from Google by heading over to the Google Search Control website. Rank Math does not currently offer a premium version.

yoast alternative for blogger XML Sitemap
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#5 SEOPressor: Full Site Audit Yoast Alternative For Blogger

Not to be confused with SEOPress, SEOPressor is a user-friendly, premium option.

Unlike many SEO plugins, it is not free. Its monthly cost is relatively low but over the course of a year, it’s still going to surpass the price tag of most premium SEO plugins.

However, it has many benefits making SEOPressor more than worthy of consideration. For instance, it provides very detailed SEO and analysis for web pages.

In addition, SEOPressor currently supports over 23 million WordPress pages across the globe, showing that it is certainly a popular option!


  • SEO titles and descriptions
  • Social media descriptions
  • XML sitemap creation
  • Optimisation for several keywords
  • LSI Keyword function
  • SemantiQ density
  • An SEO audit of your entire site

Additional advanced features:

  • Internal links can be added automatically
  • Detects broken links
  • Local support for SEO
  • Tool for 301 redirect
  • Dublin Core and Schema Markup support

#5 SEOPressor vs Yoast: Settings

Many of the features offered by SEOPressor go beyond that of Yoast. For instance, you can have multiple keywords analysed by this plugin as well as receive instantaneous feedback and optimisation suggestions.

This includes help with preventing unnatural attempts to ‘over-optimise’. Over-optimisation means adding too many SEO improvements such that the additions actually take away from a website’s overall rank.

SEO Google
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Basically, there is a fine balance to SEO and SEOPressor helps you achieve that!

The semantic builder of this plugin is a codeless solution to obtain a semantic markup.

It can support local SEO, Facebook Knowledge Graph, Schema.org and Twitter Cards.

Its smart link manager lets you create, build and manage any internal links. SEOPressor also offers an audit for your entire website and score manager.

This will let you find out how well every post is being optimised for search engines like Google.

In addition, its SEO trends feature lets you track how your website is performing as time passes.

Best Yoast alternative for blogger: Our verdict

We hope you enjoyed our review of the five best Yoast alternative options for any blogger!

If you are a current user of Yoast, one of the reasons you may be considering a switch is because the SEO meta description is not showing. As a website owner, there is plenty you can do to build your audience.

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