Is Ahrefs Accurate? (How accurate is SEMrush Also?)

Is Ahrefs Accurate?
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Is Ahrefs Accurate? Let’s Find Out….

Is Ahrefs accurate? That’s one question that is commonly asked by many marketing managers. One thing that can be very damaging and, misleading in the marketing industry is forecasting poorly done. The process of forecasting in many cases can be notoriously tricky, with several caveats, assumptions, and unforeseen factors altering all your predictions in mere seconds. There are various kinds of forecasting, with organic being the most patronized. This form of forecasting is honestly challenging, so much so that writing about it poses as an arduous task.

Imagine you’re working with a client who wants to compare traffic on their site to that of a competitor. They want to know how much potential and opportunity their site has, in comparison to the amount of traffic of their competitor. Before one can gain such information and access to the analytics data of your client’s competitors, you will have to make use of an SEO tool. What is this, and how exactly does it help give you the data you need? We explain in this article. 

What is Ahrefs? 

Is Ahrefs Accurate?
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The best SEO tool, according to site experts, is Ahrefs. Many people love and make use of it because they have the world’s most extensive backlink index. Also, Ahrefs is considered as the best competitor research and SEO tool you can get, thanks to its ability to enable you to spy on all the keywords, backlinks, and SEO strategies of your competitors without their knowledge.  

Getting a state of the art keyword research tool, and a decent backlink is one way to get serious about SEO for your site. With help from Ahrefs, you get all those and more, which enables you to beat every other site using a different tool with ease and prowess. In summary, we can confidently say that Ahrefs is the swiss army knife of all SEOs.  

Ahrefs is a software that comes with exclusive features, formulated to enable you to reach your ranking goals no matter what. It lets you study the growth patterns of keywords, both on your site and that of your competitor. Its accuracy is uncanny, and this is seen globally by webmasters from all niches.  

Ahrefs started in 2007, with the CEO Dmitry’S creation of search engines for documents and files. This love for creation grew, and in 2010, the company launched its very first backlink index, Ahrefs very first version of Site Explorer. The launch of this explorer kick-started healthy competition among the various SEO tool providers, making the tool the world’s best backlink analysis software. Since 2010, Ahrefs has grown, continually updating its backlinks every 15 minutes, working more than three times faster than the famous Googlebot. 

Is Ahrefs Accurate? 

To ascertain how accurate Ahrefs is as an SEO tool, we will first need to explore some of its amazing features. These features work together with some pretty amazing strategies to help boost the SEO of your site at all times.

In this article, we will look at features such as the Site explorer, content and keywords explorers, organic searches, and best pages. All these come together to make your user experience more comprehensive and relatively more straightforward than with other SEO tools.  

Site explorer

The first features under Ahrefs are the Site Explorer tool, a feature that needs just a click to get you the overview of any site you want. The Ahrefs rank is better than the Alexa rank in that once a link s entered into Ahrefs, the SEO tool provides you with their organic traffic, URL ratings based on the number of backlinks pointing to it, and the Domain ratings. Domain ratings with Ahrefs are more accurate than other tools like the Moz Domain Authority thanks to its vast backlink index.  

This feature of Ahrefs also does more than breakdown the inner workings of your chosen site. It gives a graphical representation of all backlinks, any referring domains, and their steady improvement over time. This helps site owners prevent any irregular spikes in their site growth since it helps you follow the link velocity guidelines to the letter.

Also, the Site explorer feature presents a graph of the organic traffic and keywords of your site over time. If you wish to determine how much traffic your website received within a specific period, this features does that excellently as well.

Backlink profile & new/lost backlinks

The next set of features we analyze are the Backlink profile and new or lost backlinks. For the backlink profile, Ahrefs can boast of the best backlink index in the entire world. Ahrefs can show you all backlinks pointing to a specific URL or domain, only by entering the name or URL in its search box.

Once a domain name is placed in the search box, results appear with varying filters, some of which include; One link per domain display, Link type, Grouping similar links, and Platforms. In a day, depending on the plan you’re subscribed to you get to look up from 25 to 500 URL’s daily.  

The new or lost backlinks feature a feature that brings out the detective in you. With this, you get to spy on live SEO campaigns of your competitors in real-time. You’re given exclusive footage of all the backlinks that have been created and the time at which they were built. This feature provides you with accurate information that lets you know the areas where competition is working on improving for better exposure.

Organic search & best pages

Watch out and keep tabs on the keywords used by your competitors at every point in time with the Organic search feature. If you’re looking for some very excellent blog topic ideas, these features will work wonders for you. One great thing about having a good blog topic is that it helps to drive traffic to your site.

With such a level of importance, the Organic search feature allows you to match and even surpass the ranking of your competitors, only by tracking your blog movements and rankings in SERPs.

Next is the Best Pages section. One might wonder why such a feature is needed, but trust that it is imperative; just as important as every other feature listed. The Best Pages feature is going to be used a lot by you and your team, as it enables you to build backlinks in record time, using the skyscraper technique.

This technique publishes proven content on your site in a bid to attract links. Simply go to the ‘top pages’ section of your competitor’s website, find the pages bringing in their most traffic, and use that information to boost your ranking.

Outgoing links & paid search

One unique feature Ahrefs possesses that others strive to build is the Outgoing links feature. With this you get to know the domains a specific site is linked to, keeping you ten steps ahead of your competition always. No other SEO tool comes with such a feature, which makes the Ahrefs tool even more amazing. Another thing this feature does is it reports all broken outbound links of a domain, and this helps in broken link building.

For Paid Search, all those running PPC campaigns are in for a jolly good ride, thanks to Ahrefs. This SEO tool increases your ROI such that you get more out of your ad investment by knowing the high ranking ad words being used on the internet. Get to know the targeted ad keywords used by competitors, and view all the ad companies that are being run for these keywords, without using any VPNs. If you’re one to invest in advertising, this should be your favourite Ahrefs feature. 

Content & keywords explorer

Two exploratory features come into play with Ahrefs; the Content and Keywords explorers. The content explorer can, in summary, replace the entire BuzzSumo tool in a heartbeat. This is because of its primary function, which is to give you information about the top shared content found within any specific niche. The results displayed can easily be filtered and tailored to your search needs to be based on languages, the publish date, domain ratings, organic traffic, and many more.  

The keyword explorer, on the other hand, allows you to research the best keywords to target for higher rankings. This is another feature that can replace another entire software. Once you have Ahrefs, you do not need researching tools such as Longtail Pro because the keywords explorer does its job down to the last letter. With this feature, you are given the calculate keyword difficulty of any keyword you input. You also receive metrics like return rates, CPC, parent topics, and traffic potential.

Other Useful Tools

Besides all these fantastic features above, there are still some exceptional parts of Ahrefs. With this SEO tool, you will receive an alert every time there’s a new backlink. Also, you can add your site as a project, and set up similar backlink alerts for any new keywords and keyword positions. This is a unique feature that isn’t found with any other tool.  

Ahref Alternatives

Is Ahrefs Accurate?
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So, is Ahref accurate? Most likely. However, here are other alternatives…..

1. Ubersuggest

The first suggestion, according to experts in the field, is Ubersuggets. This SEO tool is one of the best free tools you can get in today’s market. It comes with impressive features, including Topic research, SEO audit reports, Keyword search, and backlink analysis. All these are excellent features that make this tool one of the best for those just starting with SEO.  

How Ubersuggest Compares to Ahrefs

This SEO tool is one of high quality. This means even though it’s not as feature dense as Ahrefs, it is still one tool with a lot of promise. This tool used to be free until recently when owners rolled out a paid plan. There are two versions now; the free and paid and each one is pretty solid for organic SEO growth.


Concerning the pricing, Ubersuggest offers the Pro Version and the Pro Unlimited. The cost is the significant difference between this and Ahrefs. Ubersuggest charges $29 monthly, while Ahrefs charges $99 per month. The vast difference in pricing might not bother companies with a large marketing budget. However, those with limited resources will seek value in Ubersuggest; something they’re assured of. 

2. SEMrush

The second best option we encourage site owners to consider as an alternative to Ahrefs is SEMrush. This is another popular SEO tool in today’s market, and the reason is straightforward; this tool is one of the best! Tried and tested by many in the SEO game, SEMrush has evolved since its introduction, from a standard keyword research tool to a full-blown SEO software suite that allows you to explore ranking and target keywords. This tool has beneficial features such as its standard keyword research tools and special features like Rank tracking, SEO site audits, Backlink analytics, On-page SEO analysis and many more.

How SEMrush compares to Ahrefs

If you want a tool that’s closest to Ahrefs, then SEMrush is the best candidate for you, in terms of quality, features, and quantity. Both tools are very similar in their operations, quality, features, and even their pricing. One reason why people always choose Ahrefs over SEMrush is because of their UX. Many find their UX easier for work purposes, as compared to SEMrush, which can be harder to use. A typical example is the existence of sidebars in Ahrefs that link you directly to tasks you might want to execute. 


As mentioned earlier, Ahrefs and SEMrush have similar pricing, which means one’s choice will have to be based on personal preference. The similarity with both tools makes SEMrush a great alternative to Ahrefs if you ever want to try other SEO tools. 

3. Monitor Backlinks

The last alternative to Ahrefs is Monitor Backlinks, a tool that promises users that has the best monitoring features for keywords and backlinks, no questions asked. There are some pretty exceptional features like the disavow tool. Besides this, there’s nothing unique or different about Monitor Backlinks. Many users describe this tool as one that simply derives its data from Moz and Majestic, with a few whistles and bells.

How Monitor Backlinks compares to Ahrefs

The Monitor Backlink doesn’t get close to Ahrefs in terms of function and quality; these two differ significantly. Monitor Backlinks, for example, allows you to pull 4k rows of backlink data, while Ahrefs will enable you to pull up to 10k rows without a sweat. This SEO tool doesn’t come with a keyword tool; neither does it have domain comparisons, competitor analysis feature, or organic traffic reporting.  

If you want a feel of this tool before plunging in, Monitor Backlinks offers first-time users a free trial before payment begins. This tool is mighty limited when compared to Ahrefs, but it qualifies as a last resort alternative that helps you get the basics done.

How Accurate is SEMRush? 


Away from Ahrefs, we look at its best alternative option, SEMrush. This is a great SEO tool that caters to all your needs concerning SEO tracking and higher site rankings. we can divide the accuracy of SEMrush into three significant parts; its traffic count, backlink provision, and the availability of keywords. With traffic, SEMrush delivers results that are a bit off, usually by more than double.

This is a trend many site owners have realized, and many of them can understand why; measuring traffic when you’re not Google can be harsh since you may not have access to some of the sites. With this in mind, you advised not to view SEMrush as anything more than a guideline, instead of relying solely on it as the most credible source of data.

Missing backlinks 

the next accuracy check for SEMrush highlights their backlink provision or lack thereof. SEMrush always provides you with only a handful of backlinks from sites, usually only highlighting those of high-quality. The tool doesn’t recognize backlinks, often missing large ones and highlighting some obscure sites which make you wonder about the tool’s quality.

SEMrush does a fantastic job with the backlinks they show though, measuring and demonstrating the split between extensions displayed. It’s unfortunate thus that they show only a handful of these links, the missing backlinks mean that when compared to Majestic, SEMrush falls behind considerably.


The last aspect of accuracy we look at focuses on keywords. When it comes to keywords, SEMrush takes the prize. It is super accurate with keywords, telling you exactly where you are ranked. Despite the ability to know how many people are searching for specific keywords monthly, SEMrush has a low KD score.

It is possible, with KD scores of more than 90 to get small content sites to the first page of a search, but in some cases, large sites aren’t able to hit keywords less than KD 50, and this is a cause for concern. The advice to site owners is not to take the SEMrush KD scores on their own, but instead find alternative sources to support the results received.

So, Is Ahrefs Accurate? Here’s the conclusion 

Blogging without an SEO tool like Ahrefs is tough to imagine, especially with how fast the internet grows daily. Ahrefs does a fantastic job when used for SEO campaigns, thanks to its unique features and extensive backlink index. With this tool, you can also be light years ahead of your competition without breaking a sweat. 

Once you try it out, you will wonder how you were able to survive this long on the internet without such an excellent tool in your arsenal. We hoped this article answered your question of ‘Is Ahrefs accurate?”. If you loved the information in this article, don’t hesitate to share it with a friend or two.