Sendible vs. Buffer – 2020 Features and Price Comparison

Sendible vs Buffer
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Why talk about Sendible vs Buffer? Well, social media marketing has become more productive, owing to the advent of social media management tools. These tools help you optimize your adverts and content published on various social media platforms.

Social media management tools also help bring your brand closer to your prospective audience, which will invariably enhance productivity and grow your business. 

With so many options available on the market, I’m presuming that you’ve decided to choose between Sendible and Buffer for your upcoming social marketing campaign. Can’t seem to decide which of these social media marketing tools to go for? Read our detailed comparison of both products as we carefully analyze their features and pricing. 

What is Sendible?

Sendible ranks among the world-leading social media management tools on the web. It’s prevalent among small and medium enterprises (SMEs), start-up brands, agencies, and enterprises. 

A distinctive feature of the Sendible management platform is its ability to coordinate all of the user’s social media networks via a central hub. This central hub provides a platform for you to carry out large scale social media marketing campaigns. Also, your brand is assured of increased productivity due to a massive reduction in work time.

In addition to that, through its advanced content suggestion algorithm, Sendible can curate and recommend information that best suits your audience and drive interactions. In fact, Sendible’s compose box allows you to schedule a large volume of social media posts for publication later. 

It further has a wide array of tools dedicated to helping drive your social media marketing plan across your preferred social media platforms. Notable among these tools are robust social media engagement, content publishing, monitoring, reporting, and lead generation tools. 

Additionally, Sendible has an automation tool used to optimize the process of gaining followership, starting conversations, and sustaining interactions on social media. Furthermore, its software features a Priority Inbox intended to merge essential conversations from multiple platforms into a single stream. 

Also, it rightly checks the box in keeping records and monitoring progress with its accurate and thorough social media reports. The report gives the user adequate insight into the brand’s marketing campaign progress at that moment. 

What is Buffer?

Buffer is a social media management tool used to collate and publish content across various social media channels. This premium marketing tool is both user-friendly and pocket-friendly at the same time. Buffer is ideal for scheduling posts across multiple social media platforms, driving website traffic, and facilitating increased engagement with your target audience.

The social media marketing tool offers an extensive range of features, including application programming interface (API), audience targeting, calendar management, marketing automation, social media integration, third-party plugins/add-ons, and brand management. 

Buffer further syncs correctly with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The marketing tool allows you to share content on ten social profiles. Sendible equally gives you the leeway to grant a colleague, or anybody else, control over the brand’s social media profiles. Interestingly, both of you can simultaneously access the profiles without interference.

Buffer software features a detailed analytic report generated from aggregated statistics to keep track of your progress. The exciting thing about it is that it suits both personal and business purposes. 

Many SMEs, start-ups, and big enterprises find that it’s a fantastic tool to optimize their marketing campaigns on social media platforms fully. It could be because Buffer offers a variety of accessibility options as it is available on desktop and mobile applications.

Now that we have the background details of both platforms fully covered, let’s take a look at the Sendible vs. Buffer comparison.

Sendible vs Buffer Comparison

1. Ease of use


Buffer is a web-based application created to help manage and market content across major social media platforms. The app utilizes a simple approach to carrying out its primary function. It’s easier to create and schedule content for publishing and simultaneously connect to your social media profiles. 

The web-based app features a very organized layout that allows you to conveniently manage your various social media accounts. Additionally, it synchronizes your social media profiles at once rather than the traditional signing in one after the other. 

Interestingly, with a simple click of the mouse, you can upload and share your tweets and posts conveniently. Put merely; Buffer software comes with a lot of features and tools that make the overall management of your social media profiles a surprisingly easy task. 

Furthermore, it comes with an automated tool that helps in scheduling social media content.


Sendible, on the other hand, is presumed to have one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market. This means you can assign the operational duty to the least tech-savvy person on your team to manage.  Also, Sendible is uniquely designed for agency use and can also serve small businesses. It has a content recommendation tool that provides you with trending content to share based on your preference and target audience.

In addition to that, you can time the post in just a few clicks. This feature saves you time and also increases your productivity. You equally don’t need any third-party tool to help you search for trends when the Sendible can conveniently cover that aspect. 

Sendible also features a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool. This automated tool helps you build interactions and relationships with your audiences and social media users. What’s interesting is that CRM furnishes you with the user’s background information and other important things to guide your interactions. 

Altogether, Sendible makes life easier for you with a unique feature; Twitter auto-replies and auto-retweets. With minimal clicks, the software can monitor and track specific hashtags. Once the hashtag pops up, Sendible automatically retweets or sends a reply. 

2. Device and Customer support


Start-ups, SMEs, and big enterprises whose budgets can cover the pricing plans find the Sendible software a suitable choice. That’s because of its advanced monitoring, analytics, and audience engagement tool. 

Also, Sendible social media management tool works on both web and mobile-based platforms. It’s equally compatible with mobile devices that operate on windows, SaaS, Android, and iOS operating systems. This premium software can deploy correctly on cloud hosting services and an open application program interface.

In terms of customer support, Sendible provides email support, call services, tickets, and live support. Not just that, the brand also offers training programs to train the user on how to use the service efficiently.

It’s also important to note that Sendible customer support is only available during business hours and via online platforms. Additionally, Sendible offers its users various training services, including documentation, webinars, live online, and in-person training. 


Like Sendible, Buffer syncs perfectly with windows and mac operating systems. 

As a web-based software, the application is cloud-hosted. The pricing and features make it suitable for any person or brand, including medium and large enterprises. In addition to that, it supports audiences with different organizational systems. 

Buffer also prides itself on delivering highly efficient customer support to its users. The company’s vision encapsulates every word of consumer satisfaction and happiness. You’re guaranteed special attention once you need any assistance from Buffer.  

Nevertheless, they do not offer live support or call services like the Sendible application. However, this social media management software provides support for its user via email and social media platforms. You can reach out to their support via email or through Twitter, and you’d be sure to get a response.

Customer support can be accessed using devices that are compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. And in terms of training services, Buffer only offers webinars and documentation. The social media management service does not extend to live events and personal engagements.

If you’re looking for a social media management tool that offers 24/7 live customer support, neither Buffer nor Sendible fits the description. Additionally, the level of customer comfort and training provided varies concerning type and location. 

2. Functionality


Sendible is a social media management and marketing tool which offers a variety of functions and applications. An exciting feature of the Sendible management platform is that it is embedded with unique software that collates and displays your return on investment (ROI) on your dashboard. Plus, its ability to manage your social media accounts and audiences efficiently.

Sendible features an exclusive marketing automation tool and social customer relationship management tool. These powerful tools allow you to prospect and increase your overall productivity. Using a single interface, you can schedule and simultaneously post your content across various social media networks.

A significant function of the Sendible software is that it provides comprehensive, in-depth analytics to monitor your marketing campaigns’ progress and effectiveness. Furthermore, Sendible can conveniently manage as many accounts as you have irrespective of the number of clients you have.

Despite having so many powerful tools, Sendible is customizable primarily to suit your brand needs and goals. Overall, Sendible offers several mouthwatering features, which include multiple social media network publishing, integrated tracking and analytics, customer engagement, scheduled posting, lead generation, extensive client database, and brand building and progress monitoring. 


In addition to being a social media management and social media marketing software, Buffer is also a social media analytics tool. The primary function of the Buffer software application software is to share content and interact with audiences across various social media networks. An exciting feature on the platform is that you can time your posts using the automation tool.

It further features an embedded analytical tool that advises you on the effects of sharing a post at a particular time. This tool furnishes you with factual information such as the number of opens, retweets, and mentions received. 

Furthermore, the Buffer social media management platform comes with many features and tools. It offers standard buffering services as well as customized scheduling services.

Additionally, the brand ensures that your device’s safety and data remain uncompromised by embedding a 2-step account login procedure in the Buffer software. This web-based social media marketing service includes other notable features like RSS feeds connectivity and informative social analytics. 

It also covers social profile sharing, account management, multi-media format sharing, brand planning, analytics and insights, stats comparison, and customized scheduling. 

Buffer, to an extent, outshines the Sendible software in terms of the features it offers. Sendible does only analytics and post scheduling, which is meager compared to the number of marketing options Buffer offers. 

3. Integrations


The Buffer social media management tool features a browser extension for continuous and smooth integration with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, WordPress, and RSS reader. The premium marketing tool works seamlessly on windows and mac operating systems.

It equally boasts of a sophisticated user interface that integrates social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. What this entails for you is that you can conveniently create and post your content to a social media platform of your choice using the application.

Sendible integrates perfectly with a wide range of social media networks, just like the Buffer web-based application. Additionally, it incorporates an open application program interface (APIs), which allows for a seamless connection with other services you may require.

The Buffer social media management tool features a design that integrates with a wide range of software applications besides the regular social media platforms. The notable ones include IFTTT, Zapier, SharpSpring, Feedly, Pocket, Reeder, ReviewPush, Crowdriff, Echofon, Scribble Live, and Tweetcaster.

Other Buffer integrated platforms are Followerwonk, Feedler, Instapaper,, Bottlenose,, Audiense and Tweetings among several others. Sendible allows you to send content to your Facebook pages and groups. Using the analytic tool, you can effectively interact with your audience and prospective clients. 


Sendible social media management platform also integrates with the Facebook Ads application. You can read and respond to comments in real-time using the exclusive Priority Inbox. 

Plus, Sendible expands your reach to Instagram and gives you access to Instagram Business Profiles. You can also recover analytics to help you see your Instagram marketing progress.

Sendible works well with Google My Business, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. It also integrates perfectly with Tumblr, Blogspot & Blogger, Medium,, and WordPress. Even more, it works with Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox Business, Canva, SharpSpring, Klipfolio, Sniply, and Cyclr. As a matter of fact, Sendible integrates well with 30% of most of the popular applications.

Furthermore, Sendible does not share integrations with Authy,, CoSchedule, Cognito Forms, Cronycle, and Evernote, whereas Buffer does so and entirely well too. 

Sendible vs. Buffer Price Comparison


Buffer offers you a free trial, which expires after a while as soon as you create an account. Upon its expiration, you can switch over to a paid plan to continue enjoying the many features of the service provider. The web-based platform has a wide range of pricing plans, depending on your social media marketing budget. 

Its excellent pricing plan attracts a monthly subscription of $10, and it covers a total of 10 social media accounts, up to 100 scheduled posts per profile, and social media analytics, amongst others. The bigger plans include the Small, Medium, and Large pricing plans pegged at $99, $199, and $399. 

They offer you an increased capacity for more social media accounts and access to all of Buffer’s amazing features. Depending on the pricing plan, there are other extra juicy features that you’d enjoy when you purchase them.


Sendible features a variety of comprehensive plans, including a free trial and monthly billing cycle. The Start-up pricing plan, which goes for $59, is perfect for SMEs and small businesses.

Some of the unique features include automation tools, report builder, 30 services, flexible profile grouping, and Google Analytics integration. Additionally, it covers two team members and can deliver a maximum of 4 branded reports. 

Sendible also features the Business pricing plan for more significant enterprises and its readily available for $99. It covers four team members and optimizes a total of 8 branded reports for the billing cycle. Other essential aspects of the plan asides the ones from the Start-up plan include team collaboration tools, email support, and a maximum of 60 social media marketing services.

There’s also the Corporate and Premium pricing plans going for $139 and $499, respectively. As expected, these plans offer more benefits and increased capacity to handle large social media account portfolios. The premium plan gives you dedicated support and an unlimited amount of custom reports, amongst other things. 


I trust that by now, you’ve been able to make up your mind regarding which of the two social media management tools you’d opt for. Remember to go for software that suits your brand’s needs, processes, reports, and workflow.   

Buffer is relatively cheap compared to Sendible, but a critical look at its features might prove its an excellent value for money. 

Sendible can be installed across a wide range of mobile and web devices, unlike Buffer, which is solely a web-based application. 

Let me in on your thoughts on the Sendible vs Buffer comparison by dropping your comments below. Also, feel free to share this article across various social media platforms.