Rank Math vs SEOPress: Best WordPress Plugins for Improving SEO

Rank Math vs SEOPress
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Are you looking for the best WordPress plugin to improve your website’s SEO? In the following article, we will review Rank Math vs SEOPress.

We’ll compare the advantages and features of each. Then, we’ll conclude with which one of the two we think is the best!

First, let’s introduce both SEO plugins and briefly explain what they are.

Rank Math vs SEO Press
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Rank Math vs SEOPress – What Are They?

Both Rank Math and SEOPress are popular WordPress plugins.

They are designed to improve the search engine optimisation (SEO) of a website.

Rank Math is completely free and packed with plenty of useful features. It’s a relatively new plugin but it’s becoming increasingly popular with time.

As for SEOPress, it is a high-quality all-in-one SEO plugin.

As with Rank Math, it has all the features you’ll likely need to optimise your content!

Rank Math Review

Rank Math is fairly new on the scene, although its popularity is on the rise.

This SEO plugin is 100% free and features a clean and speedy interface. The Rank Math SEO page analysis comes with 100 points in total!

This plugin allows you to optimise five target keywords for each page and all without spending a single penny!

You can easily transfer your data from another SEO plugin to Rank Math with a fast and simple setup.


  • XML Sitemaps
  • Comes with Google Search Console
  • Establish SEO titles and meta description and even with your own templates
  • Social media info
  • Breadcrumbs
  • SEO readability and analysis
  • Easy to use interface
  • AMP and WooCommerce compatibility

Rank Math Review – Settings

The redirect settings of Rank Math include 301, 302, 307 and 410.

Rank Math works just fine with WooCommerce and AMP. There are plenty of features offered by Rank Math that are free which plenty of other SEO plugins don’t have unless you sign up to a paid subscription.

Google Search Console
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For instance, it offers full schema support. This lets you include review structured data rather than just straightforward site-wide data that is offered by SEO plugins in the majority of cases.

It also comes with automatic nofollow external links. Alternatively, these links can be opened in another tab if you’d prefer.

Further additional features which are free and useful that come with Rank Math are the local SEO support it provides, keyword suggestions from Google and its feature for suggesting internal links!

You may choose the logo that you want to feature on Google with Rank Math. You can do the same when it comes to sharing on social media. Google Search Console is a fantastic inclusion with this SEO plugin. It is an array of tools made for website owners and webmasters.

From the moment you’ve connected this feature to your site, you’ll be able to access information such as that of how Google is viewing, indexing and collecting your website’s content!

It’ll allow you to adjust your site so that Google can better make sense of your web pages. In turn, this will help you optimise your content that bit more.

Google Search Console also allows you to view your current crawl and index status! This Google application holds information about any of the keywords which your website may be ranking for.

Since this is information coming directly from Google, it will come with a high degree of accuracy.

You can take advantage of this service with Rank Math by visiting the Google Search Console website.

There is currently no premium version of Rank Math but as you can see from this section, there is plenty you can enjoy from the free version!

SEOPress Review

SEOPress is a high-quality SEO plugin which comes packed with plenty of features as an all-in-one plugin!

You can receive post and page-analysis with SEOPress as well as advice for improving your content further from an SEO standpoint and a great intuitive interface alongside other advantages!

It is easy to use for beginners as well as being deemed user-friendly.

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This is in part down to the fact it features content that outlines the ins and outs of the majority of the SEOPress aspects. You can obtain unlimited usage with the premium version of SEOPress. What’s more, this version is also low in its cost!


  • SEO titles and descriptions
  • Control metadata
  • XML Sitemap
  • Social media info
  • You can integrate Google Analytics
  • Focus keywords analysis
  • Features Google Knowledge Graph

SEOPress Review – Settings

SEOPress allows you to control meta descriptions and title for any page, post and the website at large.

There are many options provided with these settings.

For one, you can include the current month and year to the end of a title and this will be updated automatically every month on the search query end.

This addition will attract a higher number of users as it will provide your article with a more up to date look!

You can also establish XML and HTML sitemaps using this SEO plugin.

HTML sitemaps, in particular, are designed to support visitors in their effort to find the right pages for them.

This feature is a significant advantage because other popular SEO plugins like Yoast do not offer HTML sitemaps. In addition, SEOPress comes with Google Knowledge Graph which is another fantastic feature with this plugin.

If you want to see Google Knowledge Graph for yourself, try Googling the name of an artist, brand or sports tournament, for instance.

A box with information will often appear to the right side of the search result.

This box tends to contain weblinks, a short biography and social media links.

SEOPress lets you create a Google Knowledge Graph for your own site/content!

The content analysis of SEOPress will support you along the way when it comes to imagery, headlines, titles and configuring the content of your website for SEO, particularly in the case of on-page optimisation.

If you’ve let out any suggestions, SEOPress highlights where it believes you can make some improvements!

SEOPress Plugin: Premium Additions

If you would like some added features, you can subscribe to SEOPress Pro with an annual payment.

The extra features include but are not limited to a 400-monitoring tool, WooCommerce optimisation and integration, a tool for backlinks and a broken link checker.

In terms of its Google-based features, it offers an XML video sitemap, Dublin Core, Google Page Speed, Google Analytics and structured Google data types among others!

In addition, and perhaps the best advantage of SEOPress Pro is that you can employ these features on as many websites as you’d like!

Web Construction
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Rank Math vs SEOPress – How Do They Compare?

Both SEOPress and Rank Math provide their own advantages and each has plenty to offer.

Rank Math is completely free and has some ‘premium’ features despite not having an actual premium edition. This is inherently advantageous.

However, SEOPress for a low cost can offer even more features and for an unlimited number of websites!

In addition, SEOPress is arguably a higher quality SEO plugin overall, whether as a regular version or the pro version. It is deemed to be an all-in-one SEO plugin and even features aspects such as Google Knowledge Graph.

Some of the other benefits of Rank Math are Google Search Console and breadcrumbs.

Overall though, we’d have to say that SEOPress is the more advanced of the two options.

Of course, which SEO plugin is best for you will depend on your interest, preferences and site optimisation needs.

Be sure to weigh up the benefits of each one and consider which choice suits you best!

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