The Best Clickfunnels Alternatives in 2020 to Make Money Online

ClickFunnel Alternatives to Make Money Online
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As a business owner, you always look for ways to reach your sales goals without spending a lot of money.  Perhaps you have decided to take on a more do-it-yourself approach when setting up your business’s website. You might have heard of ClickFunnels. But what if we told you that there are other ClickFunnels alternatives that you might want to consider?

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What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that helps businesses advertise, sell, and deliver their products online. This software helps you sell products faster than the average sale process in much simpler terms. But that’s not all! ClickFunnels provides you with various funnels that can be customized to attract people in your target market.

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Can You Make a Website with ClickFunnels?

The answer is yes, you can make a website with ClickFunnels! You don’t need to hire a professional programmer or website builder to use ClickFunnels to build a website from scratch. With this software, you can create stunning website designs thanks to its drag and drop builder feature. The program also provides you with templates for the more design-inclined entrepreneur.

The primary task of ClickFunnels is to generate sales through its sales funnels. The software can create a set of interconnected web pages to attract potential customers. There is no need to manually assemble systems like a shopping cart, email marketing tool, and page builder software. With ClickFunnels, it’s all automated.

ClickFunnels’ all-in-one system allows you to track data and monitor all your sales funnels. It will help you identify your problem areas and come up with solutions to fix those issues. There are currently over 200 thousand websites using ClickFunnels.

Unfortunately, one major issue of concern is ClickFunnels’ pricing structure. ClickFunnels is not free. However, users have access to a free trial to see if it fits their needs.  Its monthly payment system may put a dent in your business’s expenses. Prices begin at $97 and upwards, depending on the type of package purchased.

While this software has a one-size-fits-all feature, it might not be best for business owners with unique needs. That’s where you might want to consider other ClickFunnels competitors that provide alternative services. If you are lucky, you might some almost free funnel builders. Let’s compare our other options:

ClickFunnels Alternatives
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ClickFunnels Alternatives: Builderall

Builderall is a digital marketing and business builder software designed to help you create and develop an online business. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a fully-fledged company, Builderall will equip you with the right tools to help you reach your sales goals.

With Builderall, you can build websites and blogs as well as create sales funnels with pre-made templates. Furthermore, you can operate your e-commerce store, create videos, and run social media campaigns. Before deciding to use Builderall, you should consider its pros and cons to help you make the best decision.


  1. One of Builderall’s top features is the Canvas Funnel builder. With this latest addition, you will draw out your sales funnel by connecting the relevant pages you might need to put together. By so doing, you will be able to have an idea of what your landing pages and how the website might appear. Builderall has many pre-made templates you can use. Alternatively, you can design one from scratch if you are feeling creative.
  2. Builderall is dynamic and constantly changing to improve the software. One of the things you should always look out for is how often the software you are considering to purchase upgrades its services to adapt to the ever-growing and changing times. Builderall makes these improvements and updates to give your website a modern look.
  3. In terms of affordability, Builderall is considerably much cheaper and comprehensive than ClickFunnels. Its monthly payment plan comes in 5 different stages or tiers: The Free, Builder, Marketer, Essential, and Premium Plans. The Free Plan provides you with basic tools to help you get started, but the number of subscribers is limited. The other tiers’ prices are $19.90, $29.90, $49.90, and $69.90 respectively, and are frequently used by businesses with larger customer bases. Before you commit, try out Builderall’s 14-day trial to see if its offerings meet your business’s demands.


  1. Builderall tends to prioritize quantity over quality by providing you with too many tools considered to be subpar at best, especially when comparing them to other ClickFunnels competitors. For example, Builderall’s Perfect Pixel builder is awkward to use and creates a frustrating experience for the user.
  2. It seems that in an attempt to cater to everyone’s needs, Builderall might look a little unfocused. By adding every possible tool or feature, new users might quickly become overwhelmed.
  3. This software has made considerable progress in improving its User Experience (UX), but it is still quite difficult to use. When moving back and forth between pages, expect to have some delays. Also, there are still a few issues with the look and feel of the software.
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ClickFunnels Alternatives: Instapage

Instapage is a software service that provides you with six very powerful tools created to help you build landing pages that will market, promote, and sell your products online. It has many useful integration and optimization features such as a drag and drop builder, widgets, and over 200 customizable templates.


  1. Business owners with no web design experience or coding skills will find it easy to operate this software. It’s drag and drop tool makes it easy to develop new landing pages from scratch, or you can use any of the over 200 customizable templates to help you get started. Its simple User Interface (UI) makes it easier to add media files, change your themes, and manage your content.
  2. Instapage allows you to split test your landing pages by helping compare different versions of your web page to help you make an informed choice on which page might work best for you. It also helps you detect which page might need improvements to drive more traffic.
  3. The software has a dashboard that shows relevant information and statistics. Furthermore, Instapage has some built-in analytic tools in addition to its other integration capabilities to help you track and monitor your landing page’s performance as well as the number of visitors to your website.


  1. One of the challenges that Instapage faces are its cost and affordability. The first page you build on Instapage is free. For subsequent pages, there are available payment plans that start $29 per month. Unlike the other alternatives, this service doesn’t charge by the number of pages you build but buy how much traffic you can drive to your landing page. Its unlimited visitors’ plan starts at $179 monthly, which, when compared to ClickFunnels, is more expensive to maintain.
  2. Mobile users have difficulty using this software, as the supposedly mobile-friendly reformatting tends to get problematic, and many users complain it doesn’t look the way they expect it to look. Users spend time making changes that don’t have to be made in the first place.
  3. Many users have complained about Instapage’s poor customer service and cancellation policy. Customers have complained of getting billed despite cancelling their free trials. Others, too, complain about not receiving refunds even after following the company’s 24-hour payment refund claim.

ClickFunnels Alternatives: Unbounce

Specifically designed to meet many small businesses’ needs, Unbounce is all-around digital marketing software designed to help you build landing pages. Like many of its competitors, it does not require any experience in web design or coding.


  1. For every type of package you decide to work with, Unbounce provides you with unlimited split testing. This feature is designed to help you make the best of your landing page by regularly creating and comparing multiple landing pages that you build. That way, you can identify which page attracts your target market.
  2. Unbounce has eight different tools designed to enhance your webpage’s security. All Unbounce webpages are encoded with HTTPS to make sure that your information is secure. It also allows you to set up a secondary verification on another device, so you will be alerted when someone uses your login information without your permission.
  3. Digital marketers prefer to use Unbounce because of its Account Management System that allows them to monitor their tasks and stay on the right track. Users will be able to manage clients and campaigns all from a single dashboard.


  1. Unbounce is quite costly. A basic plan costs $79 per month, but for such a high cost, it comes with just a few tools and features that digital marketers and business owners might need to operate efficiently.
  2. It is not the recommended software to use, especially if you want to create websites because it doesn’t have a tool that enables you to do so.
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ClickFunnels Alternatives: SamCart

SamCart is software that helps marketers and business owners sell their products online by creating and designing a professional shopping cart. With this software, you can quickly develop a working checkout webpage in just 30 minutes! 


  1. SamCart supports the two major payment processors: Paypal and Stripe. The software has a useful sandbox mode that allows you to test payments without making charges to your credit or debit cards and without interfering with your sales statistics.
  2. The software solution supports many email service providers such as Drip and ActiveCampaign, enabling you to automatically add or tag new clients to a specific buyers’ list.
  3. SamCart has an excellent customer support team ready to assist, should you run into any technical issues with your software. SamCart offers support through help centre documentation, live chat support, and email support. You can also get help from the software’s Facebook group.


  1. Despite having been around for some time, SamCart currently only supports two payment processors. In contrast, other competitors like ThriveCart are fully integrated with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Authorize.Net despite them being around for just a couple of years. The lack of supported payment processors limits SamCart’s customer base.
  2. SamCart can be costly, with its basic monthly fees starting at $49. It, however, offers a free basic trial and has a money-back guarantee.

ClickFunnels Alternatives: Ontraport

Ontraport provides you with marketing tools and features such as social media integration, split testing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to help you create and launch effective campaigns, allowing you to handle all your advertising, sales, and information easily. Also, Ontraport is one of the few ClickFunnel alternatives supported by WordPress.


  1. Ontraport has been acknowledged for its dedication to providing quality customer service and support through phone calls, live chats, and emails. They currently hold a 97% customer satisfaction rate. The company also ensures that its servers are frequently upgraded to ensure that the software is quick and responsive.
  2. Ontraport combines all your marketing activities into a unified system to help you make smart data-driven decisions concerning your business.


  1. Unfortunately, its mobile app is no longer available, making it difficult for entrepreneurs who rely on communicating with their customers via smartphones and tablets.
  2. Ontraport’s dashboard isn’t visually appealing and does not include charts or graphs. Instead, it only displays boxes containing metrics that are essential to your business.
  3. Ontraport has quite a high learning curve when compared to other similar marketing tools.

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ClickFunnels Alternatives: Our Verdict

Our Verdict
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What’s our verdict after reviewing ClickFunnels alternatives?

Builderall! We recommend that you use Builderall to help you make more money through your online sales. Why? Because, while it may not be the perfect tool, it has reasonably priced offerings for various packages that you feel will suit your business’s demands. When you’re ready to earn more money, you should consider working with Builderall. We reckon you’re already checking them out!

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