Sendible vs. Hootsuite: An In-depth Comparison

Sendible vs. Hootsuite
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The world is now practically run by social media. That’s the reason I’ll be comparing the social media management platforms in this article on Hootsuite vs Sendible.

If you’re a business owner with any chance of surviving in a fast-paced and competitive market, you need to get your social media game right. But there are just so many different social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress, etc. are just the most popular ones! Have you ever felt overwhelmed by having to monitor and stay active on all the relevant platforms at the same time? 

If your answer is yes, then what you need is a social media management platform. It will make the social media arm of your business run a lot smoother. There are tons of options available, but in this article, I’ll be comparing two of the most popular choices.

What is Sendible? 

Sendible is a social media management platform that coordinates and manages social media strategies for multiple brands and clients.  In 2009, Sendible was started by Garvin Hammer. He wanted to give users a single space from which they could distribute content to various social media platforms at the same time.

So how exactly does Sendible work? It is integrated with several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. With a Sendible subscription, agencies and businesses can access one platform from which they can control the content on all of these social networks. Using Sendible equally solves the problem of manually and painstakingly posting the same content on several platforms.

With Sendible, you can simply select the systems you want to post to, add the text and images you want, and automatically upload them for you all at once. To avoid the hustle of having to remember to send a post at a particular time, you can also use Sendible to schedule your posts. You can also schedule and send pre-written bulk messages or emails to clients or business partners. 

Another great thing about Sendible is its simple interface – it’s easy to use and navigate.  To put simply, Sendible monitors and analyses audience engagement for each of your posts, to help you grow your business and improve your social media marketing strategies. 

What is Hootsuite? 

Hootsuite is another social media productivity tool or system; Ryan Holmes created it in 2008. As the owner of a digital service agency, Ryan Holmes needed a system that would help him manage his numerous social media accounts. After searching, he discovered that no one platform could meet all his needs and requirements. So, he decided, with a group of other people, to develop his platform. 

It was initially called BrightKit and only featured Twitter integration. In 2009, the name was changed to Hootsuite, and Facebook and LinkedIn were incorporated. Hootsuite is the perfect way for small and medium-scale businesses to manage their social media presence. You can use Hootsuite to publish posts across multiple platforms simultaneously. You can also create content on Hootsuite, answer queries from clients, and respond to comments on your social media pages. 

Hootsuite has different subscription plans, so everyone can find one that meets their needs. It also has a free version, but you can upgrade to access more features for a relatively low cost. It further offers a single user package and packages for multiple users. Large organizations can also purchase customized packages to match their business protocols. Now that’s done, we can carry on with the detailed comparison between Sendible vs Hootsuite.

Sendible vs. Hootsuite
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Other Alternatives to Hootsuite

Hootsuite is possibly the most popular social media management tool on the market. Because of its highly rated reviews, you might be tempted to rush into a subscription plan. But before you make such a commitment, it’s a good idea to make sure that the product is the right match for your type of business and its size. 

While Hootsuite is generally excellent, small company owners might not find it so appealing. The free version has limited features, so you will not be able to explore the full potential.

The next problem is that the cost of upgrading a higher subscription plan might still be too steep for much smaller businesses. Thankfully, there are other alternatives to Hootsuite that you can choose from. Some of them are paid subscriptions, and some of them are entirely free. 

Before we jump into the Hootsuite vs Sendible comparison, let’s take a look at the various alternatives.

Paid Alternatives

1. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is perfect for analyzing the way your audience engages with your posts. It does this by monitoring activity on your various accounts, and regularly sending reports. One fantastic feature Agora Pulse offers is that it can pick up and draw your attention to comments that can give your brand lousy publicity. You can, in turn, quickly respond to them before significant damage is caused to your brand name. 

2. SocialPilot

One of the lowest priced social media management platforms is SocialPilot. Just like Hootsuite, it offers features like posting across multiple networks and scheduling of posts and messages. All of this comes at a much lower price than Hootsuite. 

3. Buffer

If you’re a small business looking for a platform with excellent content publishing features, Buffer is probably your best bet. It comes with an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to post content on web pages. It also features the option of sharing multimedia formats and is similar to Hootsuite because it also has features that allow teams to work together for social media management.

Buffer further analyses the performance of your posts and equally sends reports. One major hitch is that users do not find the reports to be detailed enough. But, that’s not a problem for businesses that are just starting. For the most part, young business owners will find Buffer’s reporting system quite helpful, without being underwhelmed. 

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social aims to allow users to get the most out of their social media strategy. From multiple posting to analytic insights, to real-time notifications on your various accounts, Sprout Social has it all. One of the coolest features of Sprout Social is that with one click, you can schedule a particular post for several different dates! 

Sprout Social seems to have one advantage over Hootsuite. Users say that support from the Sprout Social team is better and faster than Hootsuite’s. As such, if customer support is a big deal for you, you’re better off choosing Sprout Social. 

Other alternative platforms you can use instead of Hootsuite are ViralHeat, SocialEngage, SocialPilot, eClicher, and SoTrender. All of them are similar to Hootsuite, but with additional features that make them unique in their own right. SoTrender, for instance, is known to be THE platform to use if you’re interested in really detailed and insightful analytics. 

Free Alternatives to Hootsuite 

The options for free alternatives to Hootsuite are few, but not nonexistent. TweetDeck is one of the completely free options. It is owned by Twitter and is designed to help you manage your Twitter account better. 

Other platforms are not entirely free but still offer decent features in their free versions. Some of these are MavSocial, Proofer, Viralpep, Blog2Social, and ContentStudio. One equally good but lesser-known option is Friends Plus Me. So, if you’re not quite ready to commit to a weekly or monthly subscription, you can give these a go. 

Hootsuite vs Sendible Features 

I have mentioned several platforms that can work as alternatives to Hootsuite. There’s one particular platform, which is possibly Hootsuite’s most significant competition – Sendible. In this next section, I will be comparing some critical Hootsuite vs Sendible features. 

1. Dashboard 


Sendible’s dashboard focuses on both content posting and content sourcing. It offers suggestions for content sourcing so that you can easily create valuable, recurrent content for your social media pages. All of your social media accounts are accessible from one central location, with an inbox that makes it easy to follow up on messages and responses from your accounts. You can track your brand mentions, and receive real-time feedback on how well your posts are performing. 


Hootsuite’s dashboard is more oriented towards teamwork. Using this platform, business owners can provide a convenient way for a team of people to manage the social media needs of one brand. For large organizations or businesses with multiple social accounts, it can be tricky to have many people handling social media at the same time. 

For instance, when a client makes a query on one of your accounts, one of your social media managers will have to respond. But employee A has no way of knowing that employee B is also typing a response at the same time. Hootsuite solves this problem by giving administrators the ability to assign tasks and to designate responses and queries to particular people. 

All team members can effectively respond to messages or mentions in real-time. There is also the option of generating pre-written responses to commonly asked questions. 

2. Reports and Analytics 

Both Hootsuite and Sendible offer analytics and reports on audience engagement with your posts. The reports tell you which of your posts performed well, and why they performed well. For example, the number of people a post reaches, and audience engagement with the post, is directly related to the time at which it is published. 

Such time analytics are later used to suggest optimal posting times for your target audience. Sendible’s reports are contained within their visual editor. You can build reports according to your chosen format. You can also schedule reports so that all team members receive them at a particular time that suits your needs. It comes with Google Analytics built in to help you identify your best performing posts. 

One aspect a lot of people connect with is that the reports are displayed on the boards. Thanks to that, you can access performance levels for content on Facebook and Twitter. Hootsuite also sends free weekly reports by email and offers suggestions on how you can improve your social media marketing strategy. As far as the Sendible vs Hootsuite debate goes, this one is a tie.

3. Multiple Account Management 

Sendible and Hootsuite both have features that allow for more than one person to manage and control the social media accounts of any business. All the team members have equal access, and can freely create and post content, or respond to comments and messages. 

If you are looking for something that’s better for team collaboration, then go for Hootsuite since its dashboard is specifically designed to facilitate that. An administrator can assign tasks and responses to queries, to different team members. When a team member accesses the dashboard, they have access to all tasks specifically delegated to them. Team members can also send private messages to each other on Hootsuite. 

4. Scheduling of Posts

For most social media managers looking to subscribe to a management platform, the feature of scheduled posting is a deal-breaker. The benefits are obvious seeing as it saves users a lot of time. Anyone can queue up content and it will, in turn, automatically be posted to multiple networks at the scheduled time. Fortunately, Hootsuite and Sendible both have this crucial feature.

Sendible goes a step further by using its time analytics to suggest to you the best posting times for maximum engagement. Posting at a time when most of your readers are offline is certainly not going to do much for your brand. Hootsuite allows you to filter your calendar to view what posts are due on a particular network, for any given day. For instance, you can check what content is scheduled to be posted on Facebook on 4th August. 

5. User Interface 

A service that is complex to use, or that requires expert training, is hardly ideal. This is especially true if you own a small business, and you’re simply looking for a way to efficiently handle social media so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Fortunately, both Sendible and Hootsuite are relatively easy to use, although Sendible does have a far more user-friendly interface. 

The way Sendible is organized makes it a lot easier for users to access information. Since there is a designated place for everything, you’ll have no problem navigating. Hootsuite, on the other hand, seems a little more cluttered and overwhelming to the eye. You can interact with multiple social networks displayed in horizontal columns, which all appear on the interface at the same time. 

It’s extremely cumbersome because there’s no option to limit the view to only the streams that you currently need. The points for Hootsuite’s interface are quite low – it’s a lot easier to navigate around Sendible than it is for Hootsuite. So, as far as the Sendible vs Hootsuite debate goes, this round goes to Sendible. 

Sendible vs. Hootsuite
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6. Integration 

The purpose of a social media management platform is to have one central location from which you can manage a host of social media networks. Therefore, the number of networks users have access to with any social media management platform is of utmost importance. Before you decide on any of the numerous options available, you need to check to see if it has integrations with all or at least most of your social networks. 

Wouldn’t it be better to have one platform to manage all your networks, rather than two or three different platforms to cover all your networks? Hootsuite and Sendible both have a lot of integrations with other social networks. Users can engage in a range of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WordPress, and Google Drive. However, Hootsuite has a whole lot of other integrations than Sendible does. These include Vimeo, Reddit, SlideShare, Mailchimp, Storify, and Survey Monkey. 

Hootsuite vs Sendible Price

When it comes to choosing a platform for your social media marketing needs, pricing matters a lot! What you need is a balance between an affordable plan and a plan that has the features you need. Both Hootsuite and Sendible are affordable enough for most small and medium scale businesses. Take a look at their pricing features. 

To start with, the two platforms have a free trial option. For Sendible, a 14-day free trial is available for all of its subscription plans. Hootsuite is different. It offers a 30-day trial for only the first two of its subscription plans (the Professional plan, and the Team plan). 

Hootsuite has a ‘freemium’ version which you probably won’t find on Sendible. What this means is that you can subscribe to a completely free version of Hootsuite, but you will have to pay for additional features and services to expand functionality. 

Both platforms accept monthly payment plans. But, while Hootsuite has an option for annual billing as well, Sendible does not have this option. Hootsuite’s enterprise plan allows users to pay for a custom solution for their brands. Here, users have access to a quote-based package. Again, Sendible does not have this. 

Hootsuite Vs Sendible Pricing Information


  • $19 a month 
  • 1 user access
  • 10 social profiles 


  • $99 a month
  • 3 users 
  • 20 social profiles 


  • $599 a month
  • 35 social profiles 
  • 5 and more users 

Sendible Pricing Information


  • $29 a month 
  • 1 user 
  • 12 networks 


  • $99 a month 
  • 3 users 
  • 48 networks


  • $199 a month 
  • 7 users 
  • 105 networks 


  • $299 a month
  • 12 users 
  • 192 networks 


After reading this article, I’m sure that you presently have all the knowledge you need to help you decide between Hootsuite and Sendible, for your social media marketing needs. We hope you’ll visit this site again for more of such insightful articles. And don’t forget to leave a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!