What to Do if Your Wix Site Won’t Publish

What to Do if Your Wix Site Won’t Publish
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You’ll likely agree with us that Wix is an excellent platform for building a professional and eye-catching website. Whether you’re a site-building newbie or a long time pro, Wix takes the stress out of all the technical knowledge needed to get a site running. But if you discover that your Wix site won’t publish after painstakingly building your website, what do you do? 

You may be publishing your newly created site for the first time or publishing changes to your old website. Whatever the case, a site that won’t post can be alarming. This article will show you why your Wix site won’t publish and what you can do about it. 

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What is Wix? And How Does It Work?

What to Do if Your Wix Site won’t Publish
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Suppose you asked a random group of people to name a couple of website builders, there’s almost a 100% probability that they’ll mention Wix as one of their answers. Considering that so many website builders are available, it means a lot for any particular builder to be so popular.

The question is, what makes Wix such a popular choice for website building? To answer that question, we’ll first tell you a bit about Wix and how it works. By the time you reach the end of this section, you’ll have a pretty good idea of why Wix is the preferred website builder for many people. 

What is Wix?

The simplest way to describe Wix is that it is a website building platform. However, this is an oversimplified description. It hardly captures the essence of what Wix is and what it’s capable of doing.

In more detailed terms, Wix is a cloud-based service which you can use to construct a website. All this means is that there’s no need to install any software; you can build a fully functioning website directly from Wix. This means knowledge of coding or hiring a web developer is out of the picture. 

How Does It Work?

With Wix, if you don’t know how to code, you can design your site by choosing from 500+ templates. Although that’s the way that most other website builders work, Wix has an edge over others because it doesn’t limit you to templates alone. 

If you do know how to code and are looking for a way to express your technical creativity, you can use Wix Code to build your website from scratch. Sounds cool, right? Well, that’s not all!

Wix features an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) System, which offers an even more natural way to build your website. The ADI does the work of website building; you simply have to answer a few questions about the type of site you’re after, what industry it falls under and your preferred design. The ADI then uses those answers to build a completely functional website in just a matter of minutes!

Wix’s flexibility isn’t just in terms of design. There are several subscription plans that you can choose from such as Combo, Unlimited, Pro, VIP, Business Basic, Business Unlimited and Business VIP. There’s also a free plan available. The open plan has limited features, no e-commerce and no option to connect a domain to your website. However, the open plan does have free hosting, plus access to all the 500 website templates.

Why is Your Wix Website Not Publishing? 

What to Do if Your Wix Site won’t Publish
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Now let’s say that you have successfully used Wix to create the ideal website for your business. Then suddenly there’s a problem: all the changes and edits you made in the Wix editor do not appear on your live site. Although it can be pretty disturbing when your Wix site won’t publish, the good news is that it’s a relatively simple problem to solve. 

That’s good to know, isn’t it? Because what’s the point of creating a stunning website if no one gets to see all your hard work?

Now let’s take a look at why your Wix website won’t publish, or why the changes you’ve made aren’t appearing on your live site. For each point, we’ll show you some simple ways to resolve the issue. 

1. You Haven’t Published Your Website

The first and most obvious reason your site isn’t going live is that you haven’t yet published it. After creating your website and saving all your preferences, there’s still one more step to take before your website appears online. It’s called Publishing.

Publishing is what makes your site go live so other people can see it. This option seems pretty obvious but it’s a common reason why your Wix site won’t publish or go live.

If you don’t publish your website, it remains invisible to everyone except you. Even if you have already published your site once, you will need to repeat the process every time you edit or make changes to the website. 

How to Solve the Issue: 

To publish your website, click on the ‘Publish’ button at the editor page’s top right corner. If you want to see how your site will look to users, you can click ‘View Site’. This will take you to your live website. After this, click ‘Done’.

2. You Have Connected Your Wix Website to Your Own Domain 

If you have just transferred your website from a Wix domain to your own, you will first have to transfer the domain. The process of transferring a domain is called ‘Domain Propagation’. During this process, every internet server is updated with any new changes that have taken place across the web. 

That’s a lot of servers to update. Naturally, it may take some time for all servers to register the changes that have been made. During domain propagation, you might not be able to see your website online. If you make any changes to your website, they will not appear on your live site during the domain propagation process.

It’s also possible that the updated version of your site will appear correctly in some browsers, but not in others. This is because some servers will register the changes faster than others. 

How to Solve the Issue: 

There’s not much you can do in this case. The only option is to wait it out. Typically, it takes up to 48 hours for your site to start showing in your new domain.

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3. You’re Experiencing Technical Issues With Your Local Browser 

What to Do if Your Wix Site won’t Publish
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There are times when problems from your device’s browser cause publishing issues. There’s a simple way to check if your browser is the culprit: try opening your website in incognito mode.

If you’re able to do this successfully, then it’s likely that your problem is a local one.

How to Solve the Issue: 

If you find that you’re having publishing difficulties because of local issues, there are several steps that you can take to resolve the problem. Start by trying the first step. If it works, great! But if not, continue working your way down the list of solutions until you find the one that works for you.

Clear Your Browser’s Cache:

What to Do if Your Wix Site won’t Publish
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Every browser collects and saves data from the websites you visit. After some time, your browser’s cache may be full of files that you don’t need. Clearing your cache will help to free up space on your device. But more importantly, clearing the cache can help to solve website related issues. 

Sometimes, files stored in the cache can prevent the browser from loading current content. If your website shows outdated content, even though you have recently published new material, the cache is likely the source of the problem.

Disable Add-ons and Extensions:

If clearing the cache doesn’t help, try disabling add-ons and extensions in your browser. These extensions and add-ons can interfere with how a website works. Sometimes, they can affect a browser’s functionality and cause problems when you’re loading sites. If you suddenly and mysteriously start experiencing your website’s issues, there’s a good chance that an extension is the cause of your problem.

To Disable Chrome Extensions

  • Open Google Chrome and then click on the icon with three vertical dots. 
  • Now, select the ‘More Tools’ option. Click on ‘Extensions’. 
  • You will see a checkbox next to the option ‘Enabled’. If selected, deselect it to disable all extensions and add-ons. 

To Disable Internet Explorer Extensions: 

  • When you open Internet Explorer, locate the ‘Tools’ icon and click. 
  • Go to ‘Manage Add-ons’. 
  • Scroll down to ‘Show’ and then select the option labelled ‘All Add-Ons’.
  • Select the add-on you want to disable, then click ‘Disable’. 

To Disable Firefox Extensions:

  • Open your Firefox browser and click on the icon with three vertical dashes. 
  • Click ‘Add-ons’ and select ‘Extensions’. 
  • Now choose the add-on you wish to disable and then click ‘Disable’. 
  • Select ‘Restart Now’. Your device will restart to effect the changes you’ve made. 

Update Your Device Browser 

You may be experiencing issues because you’re using an old version of your browser. If your browser is outdated, it’s a good idea to update it to the latest version. Also, make sure that you’re using one of Wix’s supported browsers. Wix works on Google Chrome for desktops, Android phones, iPhones and tablets. It supports Safari for Apple devices and Firefox for desktops only.  

Use a Different Browser

If the problem is from your browser, you try using a different one. Again, make sure Wix supports the new browser. If you’re able to view your live site with a different browser, it’s clear that the old browser was the problem. Reinstalling a browser may help to resolve website issues, so you might want to try that as well.

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4. Your Computer’s Security Programs are Blocking Wix

Security programs like antiviruses, firewalls and anti-malware software are designed to protect your device from harmful programs. Unfortunately, they are not perfect. Antivirus can detect a threat from Wix wrongly. This can affect how it works on your computer and prevent you from loading websites.

How to Solve the Issue: 

Try using a different computer to see if the problem persists. If you don’t experience any difficulty using another computer, you may be dealing with a security issue. You can temporarily disable your security programs and try reloading your Wix website. 

5. Your Wi-Fi Network Has Restricted Access to Wix Servers 

What to Do if Your Wix Site won’t Publish
Image credit: Tranmatiritam

Some organisations with public Wi-Fi may restrict access to certain websites, including Wix servers. Try connecting to a different network to see if it changes anything. If you’re able to view your live site, then you know the Wi-Fi was the problem.  

How to Solve the Issue: 

If you can contact the technical team to take Wix off the restricted list, that’ll be ideal. But for most places, that option is unlikely to work. Your best bet is to connect to a different Wi-Fi network simply. 

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Now your Wix site should publish!

We hope this article has been helpful. Now you know why your Wix site won’t publish and how to resolve the issue. Perhaps you’ve made changes that aren’t showing on your live site. The steps above may be helpful for that as well.

If none of the solutions in this article work for you, then you might have a much bigger problem on your hands. You’ll need to contact the Wix support team by submitting a ticket through your account page. Thankfully, Wix has a fast and easy customer service system. 

We’re glad you stopped by and we hope you visit again soon. You’re sure to find some more interesting and helpful articles. But before you leave, please take a moment to share this post with others. Thanks for reading!